We're proud of our quality control procedures, so in the rare event that you do have faulty items we will do our upmost to get you up and playing as soon as possible.

If we deliver the wrong or damaged goods to you please notify us within 48 hours so that we can rectify the situation.

Replacements claimed outside of the relevant time period will be at our discretion.

All personalised items are not returnable unless faulty.

Please notify us of non-delivery of part of a consignment within seven working days of the delivery of the remainder of the consignment.

Please use the troubleshoot help below and if you are still having issues contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We aim to reply within 1 working day. Please give as much detail as possible for a speedy resolution. We may require photographic evidence for any physical faults.



Horizontal/Vertical Tubes

Q. Are the drilled holes to small? Will the spring button not come through?

A. Analyse whether the hole is too small or the spring button has lost its spring and Contact Us for replacement.

Q. Is the hole drilled in the wrong place?

A. Contact Us for replacement.

Panel Sleeves

Q. Is there a tear in sleeve?

A. Contact us for replacement

Q. Is the transfer paper stuck to the sleeve?

A. Use damp cloth and slowly wipe the paper from the sleeve.

Trainer Cables

Q. Are the Trainer Cables causing the panel to bend out of shape?

A. Loosen them a little.


Q.  Are they too short to fit through the hole?

A. The Trainer Cables are designed to only slightly exceed the length of the panel. However if the trainer cable is too short to reach through the required hole please contact us for replacement.

Spring Button 

Q.  Have some spring buttons become weak?

A. Check your trainer and how many weak ones you have then contact us.


Q. Are you missing a spring button?

A. Contact us

Corner Connectors

Make sure corner connectors are put in the correct place: Rubber gripped connectors go on the bottom, Plain around the top, and the Plain with two holes for Coach Upgrade goes between sleeves 12 and 2.

Q. Have the corner connectors cracked or broken during storage or game play?

A. Contact us. 

USB sensors 

Check all USB’s are connected properly

All panel sensor attachment are identical, ensure the sensor led lights are pointing in the opposite direction to the horizontal spring buttons and when you are looking at the LED lights you can read L for left and R for right, it is only the numbered sleeve which makes the panels different.

Console Holder 

Q. Missing Console Holder

A. Contact us

Console Box  

Q. Console reads ‘Check panels’


  • Check the Speaker of the console is facing towards inside of trainer with the Buttons on the top
  • Make sure it’s placed between panels 12 and 2.
  • Make sure batteries are fully charged and of good quality. Rechargeable batteries are good, or possibly invest in a Coach Adapter.
  • Check panels are in correct order:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. 

ONE OR MORE OF THE SENSOR USB's May not be CONNECTED CORRECTLY. Please check all USB connections are securely connected.

If you continue to hear check panels it may mean one or more of the sensor USB's is faulty. Please connect each individual sensors to the console box. Switch both the console buttons on. If the menu appears on the console box then that sensor is good. If you hear 'check panels' it may mean that sensor is faulty. Identify which sensors are faulty and contact us.


Q. The Console box is not displaying anything when powered on?

A. If the console box screen is not displaying anything but you can hear the console box is on you may need to re initialise the SD card.

Firstly dowload our PC application to your PC. You will find the PC application at our downloads page at Remove the SD card from the console box and insert into your PC or SD card reader, open the PC application then go to set up and initialise SD. Follow the on screen instructions. You have now re initialised your SD, remove the SD from your PC and insert into the console box. Repeat the powering on instructions, if there are still issues then please contact us at with a full description and photographic evidence where possible. 

Vision Screen

Q. Is the Screen not powering on?

A. Ensure you turn the screen on first before the coach console. Check Batteries are fully charged and of good quality. We recommend Rechargeable batteries or invest in a Vision Adapter.


Q. The LCD screen is displaying SD?

If the LCD screen displays sd it means the sd card is not inserted.