PC Application

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For use with the Quick Feet Coach console. Installs the Quick Feet Software on to your computer enabling you to set up specific drills, keep score records and analysis for individual players and your team. Windows (XP and 7) and Netbooks, please choose your operating system

Download - Windows      Download - Netbook

Download - Mac


PC Application - Quick Start Guide

thmb QuickFeet pcAppGuide 01-01

This is a Quick Start Guide for the PC Application.



PC Application - Tutorial

download pcapp tutorial

A video tutorial that gives an introduction to the PC Application. It demonstrates how to set up players and teams, the SD Card workflow, how to record and retrieve results, how to use the Console to play preset drills and blocks and much more

Download - Windows

PC Application - Advanced Tutorial

download pcapp Adv tutorial

A video tutorial for advanced use of the PC Application. It demonstrates how to use Drill Builder, Block Builder and Drill Creator to setup your own custom drills and blocks

Download - Windows


Assembly and Function Guide

download QuickFeet AssemblyFunctionGuide

These Assembly and Function Guides shows you how to get up and running immediately with your Quick Feet equipment



Trainer Stopwatch Challenge

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